- What are the benefits ?

Utilise between more than one vehicle

Flexibility - Most unloading systems are attached to the vehicle, whether a tail-lift or crane these a permanent fixtures. The Palfinger truck mounted forklift is independent of the vehicle allowing the same forklift to be utilised between many vehicles. This suits many operators in scenarios where only certain delivery routes or product types require self unloading.

Payload - This independence also offers another advantage over predominatley fixed systems, if the maximum payload of the vehicle is required the forklift can be left behind to allow more goods to be carried, a luxury not permitted with a crane or tail-lift.

Machine Replacement - In many applications the vehicle requires replacement before the unloading system.  With a fixed unloading system like a crane there is little cost effective option to swap the equipment between vehicles.  A Palfinger truck mounted forklift is independant of the vehicle allowing replacement at the most economic time.

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