- What are the benefits ?

No waiting for the customer's forklift


Remove the external influence - Lorries don't earn money when they aren't moving.  Whether it's queing to be unloaded, waiting for a lunch break to end or time wasted while your customer trys to borrow a forklift from next door, it costs you money until your lorry is moving again.  A Palfinger Crayler puts you in control.  Your delivery driver arrives, unloads and departs keeping to the schedule and maximising the number of deliveries per day. 


Convenience - Trying to plan a delivery schedule to coincide with a forklift arriving adds complications to an already difficult job.  It only takes traffic jam or wrong turn to ruin carefully made plans resulting in either inconvenience to your customer who is left waiting to unload the vehicle or wasted time having to reschedule the delivery.  A Palfinger Crayler allows you to unload whether you arrive late or early.


Customer Service - When the delivery is done using a Palfinger Crayler your customer can continue with his work, no need to stop to unload the lorry or arrange his day around the arrival of a lorry.  This is a huge customer service for companies receiving deliveries to satellite depots, low staff level companies or those who have seasonal peaks.


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