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Bulk Deliveries

Economies of scale are a well proven method of reducing costs for you and your customers.  Distributing in bulk can mean deliveries can be less frequent and often less vehicles are required.  There are a number of ways the Palfinger truck-mounted forklift can help a move towards bulk deliveries:


Use a larger delivery vehicle - Using a larger vehicle means more goods can be carried but often this is not possible for reasons such as restricted access to a customer's yard. The Palfinger truck mounted forklift solves this problem by allowing the lorry to be unloaded at a convenient place and the goods carried to the customer.

Use Larger Containers - Many customer want the cost benefit of buying goods in larger containers but can't due to handling problems; the customer can't justify the cost of a forklift to accept one delivery.  A Palfinger truck-mounted forklift offers the answer and even provides the opportunity to further add value to your product and services.
Pre-pack deliveries - With the use of a Palfinger truck-mounted forklift, a large order consisting of many smaller items can be packed onto one pallet.  This speeds up deliveries, removes the need for manual handling, reduces the risk of product damage and lost items from the order. 

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