Benefits to your Business

Bottled Gas


Self Unload - With conjestion on the roads there is a growing need to cut out any wasted time that remains in your control.  By using a Palfinger truck mounted forklift it allows your delivery vehicle to unload immediately upon arrival at the destination.  This can translate into extra deliveries per day per vehicle. 


Cut Costs - Transport costs are always on the increase, and for many companies viewed as a necessary evil to sell their product.  Often a price for the product is 'delivered price' so the cost of the transport operation has a direct affect on the profit of the supplier.  Using a Palfinger truck mounted forklift the bottled gas can be delivered in larger quantities cutting down the number of deliveries that are required per customer.  


Customer Service - Using the Palfinger allows you to deliver the gas bottles without interupting your customer's work.  The delivery vehicle can be parked out of the way rather than jamming your customer's yard or doorways and the Palfinger used to deliver the gas bottles exactly where your customer requires.
To watch a short video showing the Palfinger F3 203 GTS delivering bottled gas Click here
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