A Palfinger Crayler can be deployed into many Military situations...

The Palfinger Crayler FLG can be easily tranported in the cargo hold.  The folding mast allows the FLG to be accomodate the minimum of cargo space.  The four wheel configuration makes the FLG very stable while in transportation.  In deployment the radio control feature of the FLG allows the machine to be operated in areas too dangerous for personnel.

The Palfinger Crayler CR can be easily transported to camp on the supply vehicle.  At camp the CR can speed up the movement of supplies both around the camp and between transportation systems.  The roughest of terrain is no problem, allowing quicker movements and avoiding tying up valuable man-power.

At Palfinger there are dedicated personnel that only work with the Military applications so as to know and understand the specific requirements.  If you would like to be contacted by the Palfinger Military department please contact us 


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