- What are the benefits ?

Reduce manual handling


Health and Safety - Manual lifting can often result in injuries providing the employer with problems with staff off sick or even Health and safety prosecution. The Palfinger truck mounted forklift removes the need for manual handling and the danger of associated injuries. 

Speed up Deliveries - Manual handling is slow and time consuming.  When using the Palfinger truck mounted forklift loads can be quickly lifted and positioned just where the customer requires.  The saved time can often result in vehicles achieving more deliveries per day or even fleet size being reduced due to the increased efficiency


Keep the best Drivers - Finding good drivers is a problem for many companies and keeping them a real concern.  Manual handling can be hard work and often there is an easier job waiting for a driver in demand.  The Palfinger truck mounted forklift improves the driver's working conditions and increase the chances of long-term employment.

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