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Attachments for Truck Mounted Forklifts

We offer a variety of attachments for the use with Moffett Mounty and other truck mounted forklifts.   These vary from the standard attachments commonly used with truck mounted forklifts to some unique load handling solutions.   We have solved many load handling problems using both  standard equipment and through the design and manufacture of bespoke  attachments.


Universal Load Handler - This unique attachment offers  the flexibility of using both a brick grab and pallet forks.   While in transport or while using the pallet forks the grab is folded in a vertical postion.   By simple hydraulic operation the attachment can be unfolded and transformed into a brick grab in seconds.   This increase further the flexibility of your Moffett Mounty.   Find out more >>

Sod Off System - Designed for the delivery of turf the 'sod off system' offer the ability to reduce pallet costs.   Combining the use of hydraulic reach forks and a folding T bar the turf can be pushed from a reuseable pallet and deposited at the delivering site.   The pallet in then retained and reused.


Reach Forks - This equipment is commonly used on truck mounted forklifts.   These  can be used  to provide the primary reach for the forklift  or combined with an existing reach system to provide your Moffett Mounty with double reach and one side unloading.


Fork / Bale Clamps - This equipment offers the ability to handle baled products such as waste paper and cardboard.   Using a fork clamp the Moffett mounty can pick up either palletised goods or use the clamping action to lift for example bales of  waste paper.  


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