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Universal Load Handler - Brick Grab and Pallet Forks in one

Handling non-palletised products using a hydraulic clamp or brick grab offers advantages to many operations.  Cost Savings - Both the cost of the pallet is saved and the customer (or supplier) doesn't have the problem and cost of diposal of the pallet after the goods have been used.  The universal load handler now offers the ability to use a brick grab on a truck mounted forklift (Moffett Mounty, Palfinger). 

Brick Grab

Pallet Forks


Flexibility with a Brick Grab and Pallet Forks - The Universal load handler is specifically designed to increase the flexibility of a truck mounted forklift like the Moffett Mounty and Palfinger.  In less than 60 seconds the universal load handler can convert your Moffett mounty into brick grab and then back to a normal forklift using fold down forks.  Easy Transport - The universal load handler can be transported in the upright position without the need to remove the grab.  This means no load space is lost and no time is wasted securing the attachment onto the lorry / trailer.      

Brick Grab to Pallet Forks in 4 easy steps and less than 60 seconds......





Power up Front Arm

 Lock Front Arm

Power up Top Arm

Fold down Forks

Contact us to increase the flexibility of your Moffett Mounty / Palfinger truck mounted forklift







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