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Deliver where a lorry can't reach...


Self Unloading systems that are fixed to the vehicle (tail-lifts, truck mounted cranes) only allow deliveries to where the vehicle can reach.  If the vehicle cannot get near to where the delivery needs to be made then the driver either needs to manually move the load or the customer is left with the problem of moving the load.  It's not uncommon for the driver to be pressurised into trying to get the load a bit nearer with the delivery vehicle that can result in scratched vehicles or worse.  A Palfinger Crayler is independent of the delivery vehicle offering significant advantages.


Restricted Access - The area where the goods need to be delivered can be too narrow or confined for large vehicles to access, anything from parked cars to small gateways can mean deliveries can't be made or take far too much time to complete. The Palfinger truck mounted forklift allows the lorry to be parked in a convenient place even a few hundred yards from the customer's premises. Then the Palfinger is used to quickly deliver the goods right to the customer's door.


Inside Buildings - Many customers want goods delivered inside a building for reasons such as security or prevention of damage from the weather.  Negotiating a large vehicle into a building is often difficult and often aerial restrictions prevent the use of a truck mounted crane.  The Palfinger Crayler truck mounted forklift can quickly manoeurve inside the tightest of buildings providing excellent service.


Rough Terrain - Whether a building site or a field there are some areas you don't want to take your lorry.  However customer pressure often means drivers are forced to go in areas that present a danger of either vehicle damage or the lorry getting stuck.  The Palfinger truck mounted forklift can access these areas while your truck is left in the safety of the roadside.

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