What do you specify first the forklift or the carrying vehicle?

There are usually minimum specifications of both the forklift and the carrying vehicle to meet your requirements. From these basic specifications the two can be fine tuned for good compatibility.

Vehicle specification
When specifying the vehicle you will first need to consider your current application and then any changes that might occur by using a truck mounted forklift. With the answers to these sort of questions a short list of vehicle specifications can be devised.

  • What is the size and weight of the load needed to be carried ?
  • What is the ideal load platform length (e.g. pallet size x quantity) ?
  • What is the maximum payload required (including weight of forklift) ?
  • Are there accessibility problems at the delivery points ?
  • Could a larger vehicle be used if the forklift was used to access difficult delivery points ?
  • Could less vehicles be used by using fewer larger vehicles ?
  • Does the load need to be protected ?
  • Could the load be double stacked, either pallet on pallet or by using a double deck body ?
  • Could more business be gained with a different type of vehicle, for example could back loads be gained if a double decked vehicle was used ?
  • Will the load types vary / change in the future ?
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The degree of influence the forklift has on the vehicle varies depending on the size of the forklift and the vehicle type. Increasing the size of the forklift will increase the influence on the carrying vehicle.

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How does the forklift influence the vehicle ?

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