Palfinger BM Emergency Services

Easy operation even with full protective clothing

BM can be stored / transported in a Hook loader

Palfinger BM working in the Emergency Services

The Palfinger BM finds perfect deployment in the Emergency Services due to it's unique features;

Radio controlled - The operator can drive the BM from the optimum position whether very close for perfect visibility or 300m away for perfect safety.  The BM can be fitted with cameras for accurate operation at long distances or when out of the line of sight.

High Lift Capacity - A lift capacity of 2100kg enables the BM to lift and move large objects e.g. vehicles

Carrying heavy equipment across soft ground

4WD - The powerful diesel engine and 4WD allows the BM to operate in offroad conditions.  This allows easy transport of heavy equipment to exactly where needed.

Lightweight - The low deadweight of the BM allows the BM to transverse soft ground and permits easy transport in many ways including on a car type trailer.

Folding Mast - The Palfinger BM can be folded into a storage position.  When folded the BM takes up little space which can be perfect if deployed in a hook loader type operational support unit.  The BM is unfolded using the radio control unit in seconds 

- The BM can fitted with almost endless attachments to increase it's uses and functions.  For example the BM can carry and aim water / foam hoses into areas that would be dangerous for personel

Case Study - Palfinger BM assists in Pallet Fire

An example of where the Palfinger BM can help in an emergency situation could be a pallet fire.  In this instance the Palfinger BM can be used to move pallets / material away from the fire.

The operator of the BM can stay at a safe distance from the fire while the BM lifts and moves the material away from the fire.  This action not only slows the fire spreading but also allows better access to the heart of the fire.  In this instance the Palfinger BM can reduce the scale of the fire and speed up bringing the fire under control.   


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